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Solo Hikes are Worth the Risk!

Solo Hikes are Worth the Risk!

Last year, I decided to do something totally out of my comfort zone and go on a solo hiking trip. I felt this deep need to go outside and head to the mountains to reconnect with myself.

The mountains for me is a place of freedom, serenity, and a good challenge. The views alone make me forget the hardships of life and appreciate the beauty God has created.

I originally wanted to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. But because of the new reserve system Colorado has in place for their trails and parks, I wasn’t able to go. Instead, I looked on Google Maps and AllTrails to find a beautiful hike in the mountains that was relatively close. By close, I mean about an hour or two drive away.

I ended up discovering Brainard Recreation Area. There’s a beautiful lake with a number of trails leading to spectacular views. They had one parking pass available for the day I could go, so I grabbed it.

After living at sea level for a number of years, I knew my body wasn’t quite acclimated to the elevation I would be hiking at. The trail I chose allowed me to go as far as I wanted and circle back if need be.

Though I was definitely nervous the night before and the morning of my solo hike, I knew it was a challenge I needed to overcome. I needed to show myself I could do this hike on my own. I needed to take a break from the stress I was under and just enjoy the beauty of nature’s therapy.

I started the hike around 7am and it was well worth it. I was a bit worried about moose around as it was moose mating season. I saw some on my drive up, but ended up not coming across any on the path. I was also worried about any other animals that decided they’d want to show up. Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with that. I was prepared either way though.

The hike up wasn’t too hard. It was just enough to push my body but to feel alive again. I felt my body, mind, and soul rejuvenating with each step I took. It allowed me to focus on the challenge of making it to the alpine lake and forget about my worries.

Let me tell you, the views were worth every challenge I had to overcome. The Colorado sky was as blue as ever. The alpine lake retained some of the turquoise color. The mountains were bright and beautiful, just glistening with a tiny bit of snow.

I felt alive again.

I felt free again.

I felt capable again.

There truly is something about going outside, whether it’s a hike up to the mountain, a stroll on the beach, or even a drive through scenery to go sit at a park. It sparks a sense of refreshment within. It opens up your mind to see that life is more than just what goes on within the walls of your home or work space. There’s a freedom to not being limited by the chaos of life but being surrounded by the openness of nature.

That solo hike was exactly what I needed. It showed me how much the wilderness provides a restful break from the stresses of life.

I encourage you to try a solo hike if ever given the opportunity!

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